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6 Tips for hiring the best wedding videographer

Updated: Aug 31, 2019

Are you planning your big day and considering hiring a wedding videographer to capture all of your special moments? We've compiled a list of our 6 top tips for choosing a wedding videographer best suited for you.

1. Take finding a wedding videographer as seriously as you do your photographer

Ok, we may be a little biased, but hiring a wedding videographer is a definite must! A wedding video really captures the spirit and magic of your special day in living colour. It allows you to replay the most special moments that photos don’t capture in real motion – like walking down the aisle, your vows, your first dance and toasts, and so much more.

2. Choose one with a style that matches yours

Just like photographers, wedding videographers usually have a unique style and approach. Be sure to watch their videos to find one that matches the wedding videography style that you love the most.

3. Meet them in person

Choose a videographer that you ‘click’ with. Meet them in person to get a feel for their personality. This is also an ideal time to ask them any questions you may have, and let them know of any important details, music etc. you’d like included in the wedding video.

4. Read some reviews

Do some research online, or contact some of the previous clients to ask them questions like “Were you happy with your wedding video? Did they capture all the important details of the day?”

5. Understand the contract

To avoid any miscommunication or disappointment, make sure you read your contract so that you know what to expect with regards to the coverage time (how long the wedding videographer will be at your venue) how many shooters you’ll have, travel agreements, cancellation policies, and the fees. If it’s not outlined in the videography contract, rather ask to find out if it’s included or not.

6. Have a little faith!

Don’t forget, you’re hiring someone for their experience and talent, so trust your decision and let your wedding videographer do their thing while you relax and enjoy every moment of your big day!

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